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Many online casinos offer players different bonuses. The newcomers before choosing the game should learn something about the system of bonuses in the online game. When the player becomes an experienced gambler s/he as a rule gets huge bonuses.

The main goal of the casino bonus is to provide the player with the opportunity to get free money. Various casinos have different systems of bonuses. Getting profound information about the system of bonuses will help the player to choose the best casino for himself (herself).

The online casino bonuses can be divided into two groups:

  • Sign up deposits
  • Loyalty bonuses
  • No deposit casino bonus
  • Deposit casino bonus
  • Bonus for the made rates

Sign up deposits

The sign up deposits are first deposits. The sign up casino bonus can be given to the player after creating the player's account. After making the first deposit, the online casino may provide the player with a matching bonus. The system of bonuses in different casinos is different, for example some casinos provide their players with bonuses of different scale. Some casinos' bonuses are equal to 50 % or 100 %, some other casinos offer their players bonuses equal to 200 %.

Loyalty bonuses

Speaking about loyalty bonus it should be mentioned that it is a sign of appreciation given to the player for his (her) adherence to this or that casino.

No deposit casino bonus

The no deposit casino bonus can be given to the player when the player makes casino profitable. The player can get no deposit casino bonus if s/he brings her (his) friends to the casino and encourage them to become active gamblers.

Deposit casino bonus

In order to get deposit casino bonus the player should make some wages. The player bets on money. The sum of money on which a player bets is called the wager. If the wager is low than it is rather easy for the player to get his/her deposit casino bonus.

Bonus for the made rates

Bonus for the made rates is the type of the bonus which is given to the player s/he makes rated for the concrete some of money. In different casinos the amount of rates is different.

So, if the player wants to get casino bonus, s/he'd better start playing right now!

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