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roulette rules

The roulette rules can be learnt very easily (it is not blackjack where you should learn a lot of strategies in order to be a successful player). The main principle of the game is to bet against casino. The player places wagers on concrete combination of a number and a color of a wheel. A popular among players website provides a detailed guide on the rules and strategies of the game.

First of all before starting to play online casino game, the player should find out the main rules of this game. The Roulette wheel consists of 37 or 38 numbered slot, including zero or double zero. The numbers have 2 main colors (red and black, zero or zeroes are painted green.

European or American

In the American roulette wheel consists of 38 pockets, because there are two zero pockets: one of them is zero, another one is double zero: these pockets are located opposite one another on the wheel. In European wheel there is only one zero pocket. Besides zeroes in the wheel there are 36 numbers: 18 of them are black, the other 18 are colored in red.

Online Roulette Rules

In accordance with roulette rules, during the game the players make their bets by placing chips on the layout. Every roulette table is provided with its chips (as a rule these chips are of 6 colors). Multi-colored chips help the players to recognize his or her chips (each player has chips of only one color).

In online roulette game 6 or 8 players can be involved in the game at the same time. An online roulette table typically accommodates six to eight players at once. After the player makes his bets, s/he is given a chip stack. The total value of chip stack equals the player's cash deposit. Every chip corresponds to one betting unit. Every chip is of only one unit to bet on. For example in 5$ game, every chip's value corresponds to 5$.

As it has already been mentioned, in European roulette game there is only one zero. This field's wagers are called "inside bets" (they are also known as "layout bets"). The roulette rules state that the player is allowed to make a single bet everywhere from 1 to 6 numbers.

Bets made on special number groups are called "outside bets".

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