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Introduction to Sign-up bonuses.

Sign-up bonuses are undoubtedly one of the most sought after casino bonus. Often referred to as a "welcome bonus"; these bonuses are meant to attract those who deposit money for the first time into the casino. These bonuses vary from one casino to another. Most of the casinos add up the bonus immediately when you sign up, while others may credit it once you fill up a form or request it through an email. Although, receiving these bonuses is quite easy, make sure that you completely understand the terms and conditions of the offer. Some casinos might require you to put a minimum deposit before you can qualify for a bonus.

Things to Remember

Before we proceed further, we would always suggest you to go through all the conditions of the bonus properly. For instance, if a casino requires a minimum deposit of $50 to get a 100% bonus, but you deposit $20 then you shall not qualify for the bonus. Although most of the offers might sound quite tempting, the reality might be different.

The amount paid out as sign-up bonuses by the casinos differ, however mostly the bonus is usually 100% the amount you deposit and it ranges from $100-$1000. This certainly does not mean you will get a bonus of 1 million dollars after you deposit 1 million dollars! Some casinos do give very lucrative offers, however be sure to check the terms and conditions properly as they might have rigid wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements refers to the quantity of money you have to gamble in order to qualify for a withdrawal from the account. Any attempt of withdrawing before shall be rejected by the casino. This is what happens in an online casino, you will not be able to make any withdrawals prior to clearing the requirements. Sometimes the bonus is also held by the casino and only released once you complete the clearing requirements. This really helps if you are not satisfied with the casino and are willing to switch to another one.

Before deciding on anything, make sure that you confirm the listing of the games that are qualified for the sign-up bonus. Formerly this was not a problem, but as people started concentrating on cashing out on the bonus only, casinos changed their terms and made it more difficult for the players. Check whether the game you want to play will help you clear your bonus or not. If not, then you should just refuse the bonus beforehand as this will help you avoid delays in withdrawal.

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