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Slots games enjoy great popularity among players; it would be not out of place to learn slots rules in order to play this game successfully.


The first slot game was constructed in USA in 1887. Soon this game became very popular and in the 20th century slots could be easily found on every corner of New York City. In 1963 first video slot machine appeared. With emergence of online gambling, slots games became very popular with online casino gamblers.

Online slot games are rather simple, but before starting playing this game, the players should learn peculiarities of different types of the game. There are three main types of the game:

  • Multiplier slot games
  • Multi-line slot games
  • Progressive slot games

Online Slots Rules

Different kinds of slots games are almost the same. If the player knows how to play one game, s/he will easily understand the principles of any other online slot game.

The slots rules are the following:

When the player finds the online game, the player has to click on it, after that the game's interface will appear. In order to start spinning the player has to click on the COIN buttons.

After that the player must change the number of coins. The player should keep in mind that the more coins the player bets, the more pay lines the player will activate. Some gamblers believe that to play with fewer coins is much easier. The others state that although playing with fewer coins means taking lower risks, the better way is to play with max number of coins with low sized coins.

Such a strategy will help the player to make the online slots game prolonged and the chances to win jackpot will be much higher. In accordance with slots rules - the main object in this game is to win jackpot in order to get the player's money back.

As the slots rules are rather simple and spinning the virtual reels is very exciting, no wonder this game is considered to be one of the most popular online casino games.

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