red and black chipGlossary

Action - A certain quantity of money that a player stakes while playing a complete session.

Basic Strategy - A set of regulations meant to regulate a player's decision without taking the opponents cards or previous cards in account.

Betting Limits - States the minimum as well as maximum limit that is allowed on a single bet.

Blackjack - A Total of 21 on the first two cards held in a hand.

Burn Card - Refers to the card which is placed at the bottom of a deck or the discarding tray following a shuffle or cut.

Bust/Break - Exceeding the amount of 21

Card Counting - To record information any card that has been played from the time from the time of the shuffle.

Chip/Check - This term refers to the use of tokens as the replacement of money.

Color Up/Out - Refers to the exchange of less valued denomination chips with larger valued ones.

Cut - Two divisions of a deck.

Cut Card - A color card that is used for the purpose of cutting the decks.

Early Surrender - Refers to the surrender of a player once the initial two cards are served and prior to the dealers test for a blackjack. Half of the bet is lost by the player.

Even Money - Receiving the total money that you wager as well as the original wager, once blackjack is received by the player or an ace is received by the dealer.

Expected Win Rate - Sum total of the money bet; which a player can expect to win or lose over the course of time.

Face Cards - Refers to the King, Queen or Jack of a suite.

First Base - Refers to the seat towards the left hand side of a dealer.

Hard Hand - A blackjack hand which lacks an ace with a value of eleven.

Hit - Taking a different card.

Hole Card - A dealer's card that is kept face-down.

Insurance - This is a kind of side bet made by a dealer when the dealer receives natural 21 for offer after getting an ace. In the presence of natural a player gets double the money whilst in the absence of double the player loses an insurance bet.

Natural - Term used to describe a total value of 21; also known as a blackjack.

Pit Boss - Any person in a casino who is responsible looking after all tables in the casino.

Push/Tie - A situation in which the player as well as the dealer gets equal points; therefore money does not change hands.

Shoe - A device made of plastic or wood, meant to hold a deck of cards.

Soft Hand - A blackjack hand also carrying an ace card with a total value of eleven.

Stand - Restraining from carrying more cards.

Surrender - Giving up half the amount you wagered to avoid completing the hand.

Tip (Toke) - An advantage given by the player to the dealer.

Upcard - When a dealer faces up a card.

Whale - Used to refer to a high-roller.

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